How to Steam Bao Buns: 8 Easy Guides to Get Delicious Dinner

How to steam bao buns? Are you looking for a delicious and easy dinner option? Have you heard of steamed buns and want to try making them at home?

Steamed buns, also known as Bao, originated in China.

They are made from yeasted wheat flour dough filled with various ingredients such as vegetables or meats, folded into a bun shape and then steamed for a fluffy soft texture.

Over the years, ‘Bao’ has become an essential part of Chinese cuisine, forming an integral part of menus both in restaurants and households alike.


If you’re reading this article, chances are that you’ve seen those fluffy steamed buns that have been gaining popularity lately but don’t know how to go about making them yourself.

While it may sound like a challenging recipe to make – fear not! It is actually quite straightforward when broken down into its simple steps.

So whether you’re wanting to make some traditional pork-filled Chinese Bao Buns or just something totally vegan — read on as we will show you how to steam perfect bao buns at home!

how to steam bao buns

How to Steam Bao Buns

Steam bao buns are an Asian classic, and learning how to make them at home can be a rewarding experience.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to steam bao buns for your next gathering!

1. Make the Dough

The first step in making steamed bao buns is making the dough.

Start by combining all-purpose flour, quick-rising yeast, and sugar in a mixing bowl.

Gradually add warm water until the dough comes together and knead for about five minutes or until it’s soft and pliable but not sticky.

Cover with plastic wrap and let it rest for about 45 minutes.


2. Prepare the Filling

While the dough is resting, prepare your filling.

You can fill your steamed bao bun with almost anything – from pork to vegetables to sweet bean paste – so be creative! Whatever you choose, make sure you season it appropriately, as this will help balance out the sweetness of the bun itself when they are cooked.


3. Roll Out The Dough

When ready, divide the dough into evenly sized balls before using a wooden rolling pin or your hands to flatten each one into thin circles that are 5 inches wide (or slightly larger).

Take your time during this step, being sure not to tear them apart!


4. Fill and Fold The Buns

Place a spoonful of filling in each flattened circle and then fold them into half moon shapes as if you were forming dumplings – use water along edges to stick corners together if necessary.


5. Place Buns in Steam Tray

Once all of your folded buns are complete, place them in a lightly greased steam tray (alternatively you can use parchment paper)with enough space between them so that they don’t merge together when heated up in steam mode.


6. Gest Ready To Steam

Now you’re ready to get steaming! Fill a pot with two inches of water (use more to cover larger trays) and bring it up to boiling point before placing your filled steam tray on top – making sure not to submerge it – cover with lid tightly without touching any moving parts located near heat source.


7. Monitor The Steaming Process

Allow around 10 minutes for the steam process – this may vary depending on type/size of bun however – after which check that center(s) are soft yet still firm: they should feel slightly warm while outer edges remain cool because of their thickness.

Adjust cooking time accordingly if need be.


8. Serve Them Warm And Enjoy!

Finally enjoy these delicious steamed buns fresh off the steamer by themselves or with any other accompanying sides such as salads etc… Yum!!



Steaming bao buns is an easy and quick way to make a delicious treat.

Not only will children get joy out of helping to make something they can eat, but you’ll also get to enjoy the aromatic flavors that develop as the dough cooks.

Whether you’re baking them in your own home or ordering them from a restaurant, you can appreciate how quickly these little pillows of delight come together.