5 Perfect Steps How to Smoke a Beef Tenderloin to Get Perfect Meal

How to smoke a beef tenderloin? Are you looking for the perfect way to cook beef tenderloin? Smoking is an excellent way to bring out the natural flavors of the beef and make it both succulent and smoky.


Smoking adds a complex element of taste to your food, infusing it with a rich aroma and flavor.

Smoking Beef Tenderloin produces a unique flavor that captivates any diner.

It also creates a crusty texture on the outside while maintaining a soft, moist and tender center.


Perfectly smoking your tenderloin requires dedication and patience in order to attain perfection.

In this article we’ll explore how to smoke your beef tenderloin to bring out its natural flavors through techniques like marinating, seasoning, prepping, and smoke-roasting.

So let’s get started!

How to Smoke a Beef tenderloin
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How to Smoke a Beef Tenderloin

Cooking a beautiful beef tenderloin is a surprisingly stress-free affair with delicious results.

Whether you’re feeding a bunch of carnivores or just trying to impress your significant other, smoking a beef tenderloin will be sure to leave your palate savoring.

Here’s how to smoke the perfect beef tenderloin:

1. Prep Work

If there is any silver skin or connective tissue remaining around the beef tenderloin, be sure to remove it all.

Doing so ensures that any surface-applied rub won’t slip off while during cooking and the meat will cook evenly.


2. Season the Meat

Creating a dry rub offers flavor combination possibilities, though more seasoning goes further if you brine first – you can always rinse off rubs too salty or overly spicy.

Make sure that your dry rub covers all corners of the meat before moving on and don’t forget an even sprinkling of salt and pepper as part of the mix.


3. Prepare Your Smoker

Use enough fuel for at least three hours (depending on smoker and size of roast).

Try using hickory for smoking since it provides great aromatics without overpowering your bacon creations; other woods like juniper, whisky barrels chips are good choices as well.

Allowing time for the fire and smoke to settle down before adding in food will result in better smoke flavors without unpleasant aftertastes from billowing smoke not allowed time enough to dissipate properly from direct heat or open flame contact with either wet logs or too much fuel used directly under roasts for example on hot grills attached to smokers!

4. Smoking the Meat

Place your seasoned roast in the center of smoker grate once temperature reaches 200 degrees F (93 C), keep it there until internal temperature reaches 140 degrees F (60 C) when tested with an instant-read thermometer which should take approximately 90 minutes per pound given ambient temperature, type & quality fuel used plus draft flow inside smoker itself contributes greatly due unit performance during this critical stage so pay attention monitoring consistently throughout process especially near end game!

5. Serve It Up

Once internal temperature has been reached, place tenderloins on cutting board and let them rest at least 10 minutes before slicing & serving up some awesome smoked tenderloin – great companion sides would include loaded potatoes accompanied by green beans almondine.

with perhaps buttery cornbread muffins looming high over plate rim line-up completing feast worthy mountainside adventure complete!



Smoking a beef tenderloin can be an intimidating process, but with the right preparation and technique, you’ll have a delicious meal on the table that your family will enjoy.

Start by selecting the right sized beef tenderloin and seasoning it properly, then choose the right type of wood chips for optimum smokiness in the flavor.

If you take care to follow these steps carefully and monitor the meat as it cooks, you’ll have a masterpiece on your hands in no time at all!

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