4 Ultimate Factors to Consider to Know How Long to Fry Chicken Breast

How long to fry chicken breast? Have you ever wanted to make a delicious, crispy fried chicken? Every home chef’s goal is to create the perfect fried chicken: juicy, tender, and flavorful.

But how do you do it?

Fried chicken is one of the most popular comfort foods that everyone loves.

Fried chicken can be served as an appetizer or a main dish depending on the size of the pieces.

Even though frying chicken can be tricky, if done properly it can produce a delicious and savory meal.


Making fried chicken is not rocket science but getting the correct cooking time for your fried chicken for optimal results requires a little bit of knowledge and experience.

It does not matter what type of frying technique you use -deep-frying or shallow-frying –; this article will provide tips on how long to fry chicken breast so that it turns out juicy and flavorful every time.

how long to fry chicken breast
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How Long to Fry Chicken Breast

Frying chicken can be a tricky process.

Too long and you risk having dry, rubbery chicken, not long enough and you run the chance of undercooked poultry.

So how long should you fry chicken breast to ensure that it is perfectly cooked? Keep reading to find out.


Preparing Your Chicken Breast

The first step in frying up your perfect chicken breast is prepping it.

Make sure the chicken breast has been pounded or sliced so the thickness is uniform throughout.

This will help the chicken cook evenly which will prevent raw centers or tougher parts near the edge of the breast.

After slicing, season with salt, pepper, and any other desired spices before dipping in flour or breading to get a nice coating before cooking it.


Frying Temperature

For successful frying of your chicken breast, you’ll want to use a cooking oil with a higher smoking point such as vegetable oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil etc., and heat that up over medium-high heat (around 350-375°F).

Allowing your oil to reach an appropriate temperature hot enough for frying without burning is key! Make sure to keep an eye on it while heating since temperatures can fluctuate wildly when using an open flame system such as a stovetop rather than an electric deep fryer.


Time Required

Once your cooking oil is heated up at 375°F/190C using thermometers place two pieces of coated chicken breasts in the pot carefully making sure not to crowd them together as this would lower the temperature too much in one go affecting their overall texture when cooked.

You’ll want those chickens to fry for 5 minutes per side while ensuring they get evenly browned all over but not burned at any point during this process from start to finish total time being 10-12 minutes depending upon exact thicknesses of each piece .

This average time required could go up if your pieces are thicker/ bigger than normal so adjust accordingly!

Testing Internal Temperature

Once both sides are golden brown in color quickly grab one piece out with tongs & cut into it immediately check for doneness making sure internal temperature reads 165°F/74C (using meat thermometers) before removing them from heat complete their settling by allowing them sit off heat covered loosely for another 4-5 mins .

Reaching that internal temperature isn’t just necessary for food safety but also ensures that you don’t end up serving overly dry or underdone pieces overs due improper timing or lack of precision while cooking same goes if you used frozen chickens instead as well (adjusting time length accordingly).


If needed refry afterwords again if really needed otherwise serve right away & enjoy!



Frying chicken breast is a delicious, quick meal that can be done in under 30 minutes.

By following certain techniques and using the right amount of oil and heat, you can produce juicy, golden brown fried chicken breasts every time.

Use thermometers to ensure that your chicken is cooked to a safe temperature, and there is no better way to enjoy fried chicken with your family.

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